Macromedia FlashDance

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is stood behind Tycho who is sat at the computer.}
Gabe: How long are you gonna stare at the same screen?
Tycho: It's the Macromedia Shocked site of the day! I can't master its compelling multimedia interface.

Panel 2

Gabe: Did you click on the undulating cube at the top?
Tycho: Yup.

Panel 3

Gabe: Hmm. How about the spinning monkey on the tricycle?
Tycho: Uh-huh.

Panel 4

Gabe: The blue rutabega?
Tycho: Oh yeah.

Panel 5

Gabe: The pulsing neon squid?
Tycho: Not yet.

Panel 6

{A squid puts its tentacle around Tycho.}
Gabe: Not very functional, but VERY funny.
Tycho: Mmrmph. Could you close my browser?

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is the first comic to have more panels than three.

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