The Forbidden Fruit

Cast: Gabe, Charles

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The grass is green. Two birds are in the trees and a pink butterfly is flying onto the next panel.}

Panel 2

{The grass is still green. Butterflies and sunlight are all around. Gabe's house is visible.}

Panel 3

{Gabe is sat at a Macintosh with Charles stood behind.}

Panel 4

{Front view. Gabe is looking up at Charles as he stands behind.}
Gabe: I didn't know who else to call.
Charles: Hey, don't feel bad. It's your first time. It can be scary.
Gabe: So you'll help me?
Charles: Sure.

Panel 5

{Zoom in on the mouse. Charles has put his hand on Gabe's.}
Charles: First, let's take a look at Preferences. What are your... preferences?

Panel 6

{Zoom in on Gabe's eye as he looks down.}

Panel 7

{Zoom out to Gabe and Charles' faces. Gabe looks at Charles.}
Gabe: Oh, you smell good. What is that?

Panel 8

{Zoomed in closer, and focus plane is on Charles' face specifically, Gabe's face is closer and out of focus.}
Charles: Macintosh.

Fun Facts Edit

  • This comic is meant to show Gabe's journey into the Macintosh world.

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