Cast: Gamestop CEO, youth

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Panel 1

{CEO stands, arms raised, on a magnificent throne-like platform, the youth at the bottom of the steps that lead up to it.}
CEO: In 2006, our earnings at Gamestop crested seventy hundred hojillion kabillion dollars.
Youth: That's impressive. How were you able to increase revenues so quickly?

Panel 2

{Closer view of CEO, youth out of frame.}
CEO: We've converted our stores across the country into a series of upscale pawnshops.
CEO: By refusing to stock new product and aggressively pushing used items, we've been able to cut developers and publishers almost completely out of the loop -
CEO: allowing us to reap a green harvest of cash money.

Panel 3

{Same view as before, CEO with a more troubled expression.}
Youth (not in frame): What do you plan to do when digital distribution to consoles makes your entire operation obsolete?
CEO: Dija whoziwhat?
Youth (not in frame): Digital distribution. A way of buying games that sidesteps your brick and mortar moneytraps.
CEO: Wigital diga-whatchamaha?


  • The CEO's throne is the same as that of Xerxes in the film 300.

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