That Infernal Industry

Cast: Satan, Employee, Developer, Demon, Man, Bungie, Man

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The Levels Of Development Hell

Panel 1

{Satan and the new employee are stood facing each other in Hell. Headline at top.}
Headline: Level 4 - This level is reserved for people new to the industry.
Satan: You'll be working on Lord of the Rings. For watches.
Employee: Is it, like, a digital watch?
Satan: No, this is just a regular watch. Maybe the second hand could be a Ringwraith, and he's sort of chasing around a... Listen, not my fucking job. You've got a week.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A developer is being dragged into a pit of ghouls as he reaches for help. Headline at top.}
Headline: Level 12 - MMO developers torn apart by ravenous "fans".
Fan #1: I demand a blue response! Bloooooooo.
Fan #2: Casuals need epics!
Fan #3: Why no love for rogues!

Panel 3

{Scene change. A four-mouthed demon is looking at the three Bungie developers. Headline at top.}
Headline: Level 14 - Forced to create Halo game after Halo game after etc.
Demon: The Demo will be completed by E3! It will be TWO MINUTES IN DURATION ROWRRROWLLORW.
Bungie: Guys? Remember back in '98? I don't think we actually survived that crash.

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