How To Make Friends And Influence Bats

Cast: Bat, Prier, Culotte

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bat is flying in front of Prier. Box at bottom.}
Prier: Tiny bat, look. We know you're evil, and we respect that. But have you thought about good?
Box: Tiny Bat Is Considering your offer.

Panel 2

{Culotte dances behind the bat, as Prier puts her arm around the bat's wings. Box at bottom.}
Prier: I can promise you a life of absolute leisure. All we do is sit in the shade drinking peach tea, while we sing songs about how much we love bats.
Culotte: "I love Bats, Bats are the best, Bats, Bats, Bats, Yaaaay Bats!"
Box: Tiny Bat Has Agreed To Join Your Team.

Panel 3

{Prier and Culotte stand next to each other and look at the bat. The bat is not amused.}
Prier: Alright. Before we get to the tea, we need you to attack that zombie dragon. Powerful in life, unstoppable in death. Now flap over there.
Culotte: Yeah. We don't have all fucking day.

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