The Not So Dearly Departed

Cast: John Smedley, Brad McQuaid, Employee #1, Employee #2

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{John is on the phone to Brad. John is sat at the desk.}
Brad: {phone} John? This is Brad. Brad McQuaid.
John: Are you drunk? You always call when you're drunk.
Brad: {phone} No, listen. It's about Vanguard.

Panel 2

{John reaches over for the button on the phone.}
Brad: {phone} We want to come back to Sony Online.
Johm: No shit. That is fascinating. Hold on... I gotta put you on speaker.

Panel 3

{Two employees appear either side of John, who is leaning back and looking at the first employee.}
John: Alright, Brad? Tell everybody what you told me.
Brad: {phone} We... We want to come back to SOE.
John: Okay, okay. Okay. Now say it in a girl voice.

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