Continuity's End

Cast: Charles, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Charles is stood facing Gabe and Tycho.}
Charles: Using the raw power of the G4, I was able to compile the restraining orders into a powerful multimedia presentation. As the crisp Apple Studio Display shows so plainly, I've color-coded the areas Gabe is legally barred from entering. This leaves only a filthy bathroom in an abandoned building seven miles away.

Panel 2

{Scene change. The convention map is seen, which is coloured green, making the entire convention banned from Gabe.}
Gabe: {voice over} Where is that on the chart?
Charles: {voice over} It's, uh... Not. It would be over there, kinda. Near the kitchen. Knock knock.

Panel 3

{Zoom out back to Charles, Gabe and Tycho.}
Tycho: Don't do it. It's a trap.
Gabe: Who's there?
Charles: Shut your pie.
Gabe: Shut your pie who?
Charles: Shut your pie hole.

Panel 4

{Zoom into Gabe's face. Charles and Tycho off panel.}
Gabe: Damn... That came out of nowhere.

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