Cast: Elite User, Free Play User

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Panel 1

{A comparison of player types in HellGate London. A giant powerful man in a suit of armor wielding a huge sword is pictured.}
Text: May eat at the Elite table in the lunchroom
Text: May kick sand on Free Players while at the beach
Text: Elite players may devour Free Play users at any time
Text: Elite players may ride Free Play users like mounts

Panel 2

{A scrawy weak looking man is holding a taped up cardboard sword, wearing a Colander on his head for a helmet and a t-shirt with "Armor" written on it.}
Text: Free Play users may not look upon Elite Players
Text: Free Play users may not speak to Elite players, even if the Elite player tries to trick the Free Player into speaking to them by saying "What's Up" or "Free Play User Says What"

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