Editorial Control

Cast: Nich Maragos, Mario

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Panel 1

{Nich and Mario are sat at a table. Freelancer has his hand raised slightly. Money between them.}
Nich: About that Donkey Konga 2 review... We did originally give it a one point five out of five. But you've made about ten thousand really good points today, and I tihnk we're gonna go ahead and bump that up to a two point five.

Panel 2

{Nich rubs the back of his neck as more money appears.}
Nich: What did I say? Did I say two point five? Because I meant... four point five.

Panel 3

{Nich lowers his arm and starts to drool. Lots more money has appeared.}
Nich: Okay, yes. Eleven out of five. Game of the year. Congratulations! Listen, hey... Do you have some dufflebags, or something? Or, a wheelbarrow would also work.

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