A Surfeit Of Sorrows

Cast: Employee, Richard

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Employee and Richard are stood facing each other. Richard is stirring his coffee.}
Employee: Listen,. Richard... I've got some bad news.
Richard: Did we lose another programmer?
Employee: No, no. Six Sorrows is fine, it's just that...
Richard: Well, what?

Panel 2

{Richard drops his coffee mug.}
Employee: Midway is coming out with a game called Seven Sorrows.
Richard: WHAT?
Employee: And we just think, you know, why would anybody buy six sorrows when they could get seven for the same price.

Panel 3

{Richard puts his spoon away and scratches his head. Employee puts his hand on Richard's shoulder.}
Richard: You can't have seven. There's only six. Everybody knows that. Where would they get a seventh sorrow from?
Employee: Maybe they're just, I don't know... Sadder.

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