Red & Blue: Episode Two

Cast: Blue Soldier, Blue Leader, Red

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Solider and Leader are stood facing each other. Leader is clicking his fingers.}
Leader: Hey! Idiot! Take this repair pack, go downstairs, and watch the generators. You can watch things that are bolted down from now on.
Soldier: {thought} A promotion!

Panel 2

{Leader has left. Soldier has a Soldier puppet and a Leader puppet on each hand.}
L. Puppet: You're so big and strong! You're the only man that can watch our generators!
S. Puppet: Well, I am very big.
L. Puppet: And strong!

Panel 3

{Red arrives in front of Soldier.}
Red: Excuse me, I'm looking for the blue generators.
Soldier: They're back there.
Red: They're not... Mined, are they?

Panel 4

{Panel turns completely black. "KA-BOOM!" is heard.}
Soldier: Oooh! An eclipse!

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