A Humorous Anecdote

Cast: Gabe, Frank

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Frank are stood at either side of a counter.}
Gabe: Hey, I need to reserve Knights of the Old Republic. The Star Wars RPG.
Frank: Star Wars, huh? Star Wars is for pussies, playing peek and poke up in the treehouse.

Panel 2

{Zoom in on Frank as he gets angry.}
Frank: Let me tell you about Real Wars. You're out there in nothing but your helmet and a skirt made out of poisonous leaves. Leaves that make your John Hopkins swell up to the size of a Volkswagen bus.

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Frank has grabbed Gabe's shirt and is looking directly at him.}
Frank: No magical force is going to save your sorry ass from the enemy, let alone snakes or boars. What do you think about that, Luke?
Gabe: I think I should go.
Frank: Leave your pants.

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