They Hail From Canidon

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Canid

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are stood facing each other. Explosive fumes in the background.}
Gabe: I had the most wonderful dream. Nintendo was making a new, dark Zelda game!
Tycho: That's not a dream, actually. They're really doing that.

Panel 2

Gabe: Wow... Because right after that, I dreamed our world had been conquered by malevolent, spacefaring dog-men, known as the Canid.
Tycho: Yeah, I was just going to tell you that. You're pretty much two for two.

Panel 3

{Tycho looks over to the Canid member, who is holding a frisbee.}
Canid: Fetch this space frisbee, human. Fetch it, and gaze upon your ruined world!
Tycho: Man, this fucking sucks.

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