Let's Do The Twist

Cast: Stephen Frost, Sony Employee

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Stephen is stood facing the audience.}
Stephen: Stephen Frost here, from Daily Radar. You might remember my article "In Defense of The PS2", wherein I detail Sony's glorious "Second Coming" - in this New World Order, owners of other consoles will be roudned up like wild animals and made to fight for our amusement!

Panel 2

{Stephen lowers.}
Stephen: Many people slam the Playstation 2's jagged, disappointing graphics - I will drink their blood. Furthermore, Iiiiiiii ammmmmmm reaaaaalllll whoooooorrrr...

Panel 3

{Stephen stops talking, and his crank is showing.}

Panel 4

{The employee looks in on the panel.}

Panel 5

{The employee looks around.}

Panel 6

{The employee twists Stephen's crank. He has a Sony briefcase.}

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