The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part Three

Cast: Mr. Valgariad, L. H. Franzibald

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Valgariad and Franzibald are stood facing each other.}
Valgariad: I'm so glad you were able to make it to Readiation, Mr. Franzibald. It's a small convention, but I think you'll fin-
Franzibald: {interrupts} I came because I'm the guest of honor, Mr. Valgariad. And L. H. Franzibald never misses an opportunity to be... honored.

Panel 2

{Franzibald walks towards the audience. Valgariad is in the background and blurred. Franzibald has raised his arms slightly.}
Franzibald: Tell me: where are those who will honor me?
Valgariad: You are a little early, Mr. Franzibald. Tycho Brahe, our other guest...
Franzibald: {irritated} WHAT? Brahe, HERE?

Panel 3

{Panel pans in front of Valgariad. Valgariad is being whipped by Franzibald. Valgariad is trying to defend himself.}
Franzibald: Nyaaa!

Panel 4

{Valgariad is on the floor. Franzibald is kneeling down, holding Valgariad's face.}
Valgariad: Aaah! You have a whip? Why do you have a whip?
Franzibald: For whipping.

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