E32K5: Request Granted

Cast: Will Wright, Fans

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{Will is stood at his podium with his hands in the air. The podium has "Will Wright's PEE" written on it. Fans are celebrating.}
Will: So this is my new game, Pee. Basically I'm going to pee on every one of you, and you're going to love every second of it. That's my design. And you decide what you want to do with the pee. We're not telling you how to enjoy it. I leave that up to you guys. You're going to create your own unique experiences with my pee. You're all going to do something different. How will you react to that? This guy, he might get some pee in his eye. That's completely different from pee in your hair, and that's exciting to me as a game designer.
Fans: Will Wright! Please pee on us!

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