A Penny Saved

Cast: Gabe, Charles

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Charles are stood outside facing each other. They both have headphones around their necks.}
Gabe: Hey, Charles.
Charles: Hey, fuck you.
Gabe: Yeah, so I was looking at iPods today, I thought about you.

Panel 2

{Charles pulls out his iPod.}
Charles: Oh yeah? Pretty great, huh?
Gabe: Oh yeah, real good. Then I got it up to the register, came to my fucking senses, and bought a thirty dollar discman instead.

Panel 3

{Zoom into Gabe and Charles's faces as they get pissed off at each other. Charles is pointing at Gabe.}
Charles: Yeah, but the iPod doesn't skip.
Gabe: Neither does this. It's cushioned by about three hundred and eighty dollars in cash.

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