The Coming Apokélypse


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Panel 1

{Gabe, wearing a cap and holding a Poke'ball, enters into the scene where Tycho is holding a scared Chimchar, as they face each other}
Gabe: What the fuck is this?
Tycho: I just found him out back, we were just playing around.
Tycho: What? That's kind of unnecessary.

Panel 2

(Gabe now has a great manic expression on his face, to the point of redness)
Gabe: What are you, PETA? What the fuck do you care.
Gabe: Chimchar! Your ass. This ball. Now.
Tycho: I don't think he wants to go in the ball.
Gabe: No shit he doesn't want to go in there. It's a tiny fucking ball. It's pitch black. It's freezing fucking cold.

Panel 3

(Gabe points threateningly at Tycho, the Poke'ball in hand)
Gabe: I'm not sending him for a day at the spa. Okay? He's not getting his fur and claws did.
Gabe: When I throw this ball down, I need a motherfucker to come out.
Tycho: I just... I don't think you should swear, I mean, around the Poke'mon...

Panel 4

(Chimchar and Tycho recoil a little when Gabe waves the Poke'ball before Tycho's face)
Gabe: Do you want to go in the ball?
Tycho: No.
Gabe: 'Cause right now, you're telling me you want to go in the ball.
Gabe: You don't think I have other balls? You think this is the only one I got?
Gabe: This one's for you pal.
Gabe: Yeah, keep it up.

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