Cast: Gabe, Bob

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Panel 1

{Gabe is stood at the counter wearing Tycho's clothing, with his hand raised slightly. Bob, at the other side of the counter, is leaning on said counter.}
Gabe: I'm Tycho. I like books.
Bob: No, you're the other guy. I thought you hated the Xbox!

Panel 2

{Gabe puts his hand on the counter.}
Gabe: Okay, look. I am Gabe. I'm really sorry that I always fuck around with you guys. I need an Xbox, and a presell for Panzer Dragoon. Can we keep this under the table?
Bob: Oh, yeah. Yeah. That shouldn't be a problem.

Panel 3

{View of Filth Weekly's front cover.}
Headline: Gabe Breaks Down, Buys Xbox
Quote: "I thought it was a GameCube"
Headline: The pictures he doesn't want you to see!

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