Pot to Kettle: "You Are Black"

Cast: Boss, Employee

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Boss and Employee are sat at the table. Boss has his hands raised slightly.}
Boss: Microsoft just seems so clueless about this XBox fiasco. What are they doing to shake things up, be dynamic, or some other word? Here at 3DO, we move things, and then shake them. In that precise order.

Panel 2

{Boss lowers a hand and indicates small with his other hand.}
Boss: So, what's next on the agenda?
Employee: The new Army Men game, sir.
Boss: I love those little bastards!

Panel 3

{Boss yawns and closes his eyes.}
Employee: We're thinking about putting them on tiny camels, and calling it "Army Men: With Camels."
Boss: Yes! But put them in a sandbox, and change the name to "Sarge's Camel Assault." Okay, nap time. All that innovation makes me drowsy!

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