When Monkeys Attack!

Cast: Gabe, Employee, Mr. Tails

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is stood next to an employee who is holding Mr. Tails. Gabe is pointing to the employee with his thumb.}
Gabe: This is the guy who did the concept art for the first Blair Witch Project game. Why don't you let us in on your design secrets?
Employee: I'd be happy to, Gabe. Like all good things, it starts with a monkey.

Panel 2

{The employee dips Mr. Tails into ink, thus making Mr. Tails black.}
Employee: I usually double-dip the monkey, to ensure an even coat. Then I pretty much just roll him around on the canvas.

Panel 3

{Mr. Tails bites the employee's face.}
Gabe: I use brushes because they don't, you know, bite my face.
Employee: Yeah, I can see that.
Mr. Tails: GRRRR!

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