Avoiding The Obvious Pun

Cast: Gabe, Div

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is stood behind the table which Div is stood on. Gabe has his hand on his head.}
Div: Why the long face, buttercup?
Gabe: I'm so confused!
Div: Because you've got girl parts down there? You know, downtown. South of the Mason-Dixon. Lady stuff.

Panel 2

{Gabe lowers his hand. Div clenches his fist and looks at it.}
Gabe: No, it's this Riddick game. It's a movie license, so it should be terrible, but it's getting all these great reviews... It rocks me to my core.

Panel 3

{Div is now trying to calm Gabe down as he gets angry.}
Div: So it's not because you are a woman raised as a man.
Gabe: {annoyed} I am a boy.
Div: {calming} Okay, Dorothy. When you get to Oz, see if the wizard can make you a penis.

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