PA - Philosophy Arcade?

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are on a roller coaster ride.}
Tycho: I think that video gaming in particular, and electronic entertainment in general, is really just the evolution of storytelling.
Gabe: Do tell.

Panel 2

{Gabe and Tycho turn upside-down.}
Tycho: As we began to live in sparse, nuclear socail groups, and as work outside the home consumed the lion's share of our temporal resources, we lost much of our tribal sensibilities. The role that the clergy or shaman would have played was passed first to the parents, and then to crude machines. These machines, arguably, rear our young and transmit culture: primarily by means of a passive or interactive story.

Panel 3

{Gabe and Tycho turn up-right.}
Gabe: I'm just going to start laughing now. You can keep talking.
Tycho: {holding a roller coaster pin} Is it okay that this pin came out?

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