His Diminutive Master

Cast: Gabe, Jiminy Cricket

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is sat on the couch, looking at Jiminy with teary eyes. Jiminy is stood on the back of the couch, holding an umbrella.}
Jiminy: You got my journal done?
Gabe: {near tears} I'm trying, Jiminy! You want, like, 8000 points in Honey Slider! I am but a man!

Panel 2

{Jiminy puts the umbrella handle in Gabe's face. Gabe raises his crumbled hand up slightly.}
Jiminy: Maybe I misjudged you. Maybe you aren't worthy of my Ultimate Secret Ending.
Gabe: But I am! I do want the ending! Jiminy... You ask the impossible!
Jiminy: I ask what is necessary.

Panel 3

{Jiminy smacks Gabe in the face with the umbrella.}
Gabe: I've tried, Jiminy! Oh, how I've tried. My hand is a withered claw!
Jiminy: {angrily} Then you're a bitch. And you'll get the bitch ending you deserve.

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