A Whimsical God, Part Three

Cast: Zombie, Undead, Zombie #2, Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood, Leviathan

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Zombie, undead and another zombie are stood next to each other, looking at the audience.}
Zombie: Yeah, I guess... I guess he's right. The whole thing is basically our grave.
Undead: You guys always told me this was a sepulcher.
Zombie: Listen, it's all the same shit. They're synonyms.

Panel 2

{Zombie's head explodes. The second zombie and the undead get explanation marks above their heads}

Panel 3

{Zoom into Raven's gun. Raven is off panel.}
Raven: {thought} Energite levels are low... I won't be able to drive back the servants of hell alone!

Panel 4

{Zoom out. Raven holds his hands in the air as his hands glow.}
Raven: Leviathan... soul too dark for the abyss, aborted son of hell's six hundred and sixty-six wombs! Aid me!

Panel 5

{Scene change. Leviathan binks into existance}

Panel 6

{Zombie points at Leviathan.}
Zombie: This is the Leviathan? This is your fucking guy?

Panel 7

{Zoom in on Raven's face.}
Raven: He is a being of pure hell, sustained by the black umbilical, weaned on hellmilk and nursed at the dark teat of abbadon, Whore-Queen of Festeria.

Panel 8

{Zoom into Leviathan. Zombie's hand pokes him. Zombie is off panel.}
Zombie: Pure hell, really? That's pretty cool.

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