part 1

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Metal Sonic


{gabe holding the wii remote and looks at the tv screen, and freaked out}

{The camera focus on the tv, that was sonic 4 ep 1 ending and metal sonic is all black and at the white circle background into the full black background}

{The camera moves back on it, tycho standing on left}

Tycho: gabe what the hell are you doing

Gabe: character in the fucking game

Tycho: is thats the fucking bitches thing i have ever shitty seen

Gabe: thats sonic 4 episode 1 i played it and then that robot thingy is back

{sundelly the tv was explode}


Metal sonic: {apperes on the broken tv} NOW IM MUST DESTROYED SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

{"to be continued" apperes in the bottom at the right}


the screenshots was from sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 1 in the ending

metal sonic saying "IM MUST DESTROYED SONIC THE HEDGEHOG" was like in sonic comics series, i mean sonic comics archie series, i mean sonic universe comic series, i mean others

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