Michael Krahulik is the artist from the popular webcomic, Penny Arcade. His comic and internet alter ego is Jonathan "Gabe" Gabriel.

He has a dick tattooed on his forehead in invisible ink.

Personal Life Edit

He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Kara Krahulik, to whom he proposed in a special edition of Penny Arcade in 1999.

He has been friends with comic co-creator Jerry Holkins for many years.

On September 9, 2004, he and his wife became parents to a son, Gabriel Aiden Krahulik. They would later on give birth to a second child, Noah Krahulik.

He is a Catholic, but is mainly responsible for the religious jokes in the comics, much to the confusion of his friend and partner Holkins. His art style has gradually improved greatly over the years and has received praise for his works.

He once made a Kickstarter as a joke, promising to chase ducks while shouting the names of his contributors. The Kickstarter proved successful and he ended up fulfilling his promise while donating the money he received to charity.

Alter Egos Edit

Gabe has several author insertion characters both inside and outside the continuity of the comic.

  • Gabe - One of the two main characters of Penny Arcade. He is patterned off of Krahulik and his interactions with co-author Jerry Holkins. Although the character is modeled after him in terms of personality, he is usually exaggerated to the point where he is portrayed with a uniquely psychotic and moronic personality that makes him distinct from Krahulik.
  • The Cardboard Tube Samurai - An Edo period Japanese samurai who bears a striking resemblance to Gabe and wields his favorite tube, albeit several hundred years earlier.
  • Jim Darkmagic - Krahulik's D&D character, a shamelessly self promoting wizard.
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