Mr. Period is the helpful guide to the English language. He frequently visits message boards and other such areas to help readers with their spelling and grammar.

Appearance Edit

He is a period which has managed to grow arms, legs, eyes and a mouth. It is coloured grey. It can fully move around and seems to have the ability to teleport as it can be in five places at once.

History Edit

Originally starring in the educational film, "Your Friend at the End", Mr. Period's popularity surely rose from there.

He returned to help Johnathan Gabriel with his letter to the country of Japan. He added a few commas and hyphens to make the letter suitable for Emperor Akihito.

For his third return, he went onto Fanboy Forums and looked at the reply which was about to be posted. He commented on the use of a Dollar Sign and how the person said "gay" on many accounts. He had to quit the lesson after Capital Letter got pissed off at Dollar Sign.

He managed to get himself off the computer in his fourth visit, and so he went to Pictochat. He was annoyed by the poor quality of the lettering, comforted Question Mark and told Gabe about his penis man.

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