Tycho as a child with his mother and father

Mummy Brahe is the mother of Tycho Brahe and his older brother Mr. Forthwith. She was once married to Daddy Brahe before he left the family.

During Tycho's youth, Mummy and Daddy forced him to go on countless horrible road trips which consisted of going to Idaho's Biggest Shitfarm and going to spaghetti-hair restaurants made from actual hair. This greatly traumatized the young Tycho into forever hating road trips and fearing them as something evil.

During Tycho's teenage years, Daddy Brahe ended up leaving the Mummy on her own for unknown reasons and so Mummy blamed Tycho for his father's disappearance, particularly blaming the "rotting evil" in his body; which was actually puberty. She also started beating on Tycho with an extension cord. He has never gotten over the traumatizing and abusive experience, which would lead to his currently dark and usually evil disposition in adulthood.

She is currently presumed alive due to a phone call Tycho shared with her once.

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