Noah and Ronia during their first play date.

Noah Gabriel is one of Kara and Jonathan Gabriel's two sons along with Gabriel Gabriel.

As a toddler, Gabe took him to a water park for a play date with Tycho's daughter Ronia. While there, Gabe questioned how much pee was in the pool, Tycho then revealed that it had been empty when he first arrived and that is was actually a play structure which the children had naturally filled up with their pee, including his daughter's pee. Gabe grew weary of this and then Tycho horrifyingly revealed that by six o' clock they allow diving, implying that pee is the source of the park's water.

Despite being only two years old, he has already proven to be quite rebellious and violent towards his father and seems to be displaying a seriously violent criminal penchant, having become a drug pusher with his own homemade meth lab in only the ten minutes his father took his eyes off him. Gabe then questioned him about where he got all that pyrex, but Noah only responded by brandishing his pistol at his father. This left Gabe quite shocked and disturbed, Tycho Brahe however tried to cheer him up by saying that he was a smart boy and that he is sure that his meth is "really, really good".

On a family outing to the zoo, Noah complained that he'd peed his pants and asked if he could bring his cotton candy into the bathroom with him, but Gabe refused to let him go, instead he dragged him by the wrist to the cheetah enclosure. Once there however, they were unable to see the cheetahs due to the grass having grown too high.

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