Welcome to Pain City

Cast: Raven Employee, Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The employee, Tycho and Gabe are looking around Raven Entertainment.}
Gabe: So this is Raven Entertainment!
Tycho: Soldier of Fortune's got a pretty detailed hit model, doesn't it?

Panel 2

{Tycho turns around.}
Employee: It sure does. Want to help us out with some motion capture?
Tycho: {hand on chest} That's what we were born to do.

Panel 3

{Employee hands Tycho a gun, who graciouslly accepts.}
Employee: Gabe, you're a terrorist whose been shot in the left nut. Tycho, he may need help getting into character.
Gabe: {covers testicles} This is what? We're doing what?

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