The Omega Hare

Cast: JIM, Gailgwynnych, Woman

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{JIM and Gailgwynnych are stood next to each other. JIM is holding a staff.}
JIM: Don't just run over there and attack it. We should check him out first.
Gailgwynnych: It's a rabbit. Look how big I am, I'm huge. Plus, I've got this sword. I think I can handle a fucking rodent, you pussy.

Panel 2

{Gailgwynnych off panel. Jim is grasping his staff. Blood pouring onto JIM.}
Gailgwynnych: {off panel} What are you doing? Help me! Cast a spell or something! HE IS THE RUINER OF WORLDS!

Panel 3

{Scene change. A woman and JIM are stood facing each other.}
Woman: Did you help him?
JIM: No. It turns out it was the king of all rabbits, indeed of all rabbit-kind. Their lord. The single template from which all other rabbits were wrought.

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