Don't Ever Say Things Like This

Cast: Farah, Prince of Persia

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Farah and the Prince are stood facing each other.}
Farah: Well, aren't you going to say something?
Prince: what you do in the kitchen is a crime against food. That felt pretty good! I'm gonna keep going!

Panel 2

{The Prince points at Farah.}
Prince: Your mom is a witch. I don't mean that she's, you know, some ugly old woman - she's that too. I mean that she literally fucks the devil. You are the rotten fruit of that evil union.

Panel 3

{The Prince pulls out his dagger and looks at it.}
Prince: And now, I'm going to rewind time. And you won't have any idea what I just said. Oh shit.
Farah: Out of sand?
Prince: God dammit!

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