Reading Between The Lines

Cast: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), Chip Lang

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Text Box: What if EA's Chip Lang wasn't a fucking liar?
{Larry Hryb and Chip Lang are seated beside each other with microphones in their hands, on the set of the Major Nelson show, with Chip smiling greatly.}
Larry: Gamers are worried that Electronic Arts will start making incomplete game experiences, just to capitalize on Marketplace content.
Chip: Start making? Ha! Ah ha ha! Oh, man.
Chip: Seriously. How would they know?

Panel 2

{Larry becomes somewhat angered, which in turn, Chip turns his face sharply into a frown.}
Larry: Has EA charged 360 users for cheats that are free on other systems?
Chip: Oh, yeah. Hell yeah. Yes. In fact, we just hired a guy? That's his only job.

Panel 3

{Chip smiles and points to Larry.}
Larry: Gamers are worried that you'll start nickeling and diming them to death.
Chip: Technically, we're already sixty dollaring them, and then five and ten dollaring them.
Chip: But you have the basic idea.

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