Maximum Moisture

Cast: Guy x6

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[It should be pointed out that this comic has no dialogue.]

Panel 1

{About four people are huddled up, frowning, against a wall that, above them, is a sign that reads "Playstation 3 Line Starts here." Two other people are moving towards the right, smiling and conversing.}

Panel 2

{The two young men return from the right side of the panel holding a new Xbox 360, and a plastic bag of new games. One of the males looks up and opens his hand as a single drop of rain comes down. The four men in the line are still there, huddled and frowning.}

Panel 3

{Rain is now pouring down heavily on the four men in the Playstation 3 line, their expressions have not changed throughout the entire comic, they remain frowning and huddled through the torrent of rain.}

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