The Turkey Trilogy, Episode One

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Annarchy, Annarchy's Father

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are standing outside of a house, talking. Gabe is holding a pie, looking generally enthused, while Tycho is frowning severely as he rings the doorbell.}
Gabe: Hey, thanks for inviting me to Thanksgiving.
Gabe: See? I'm giving thanks.
Tycho: Don't thank me yet.

Panel 2

{Annarchy opens the door, and looks at the two of them, eyes wide open, in a state of panic}
Annarchy: You either need to get me out of here, or help me kill them.
Gabe: I... I brought a pie.
Annarchy: Is it poisoned? Because then maybe I could eat a piece and die.

Panel 3

(Gabe and Tycho come inside, to see Annarchy's father on the couch, both of the Brahes begin to frown at each other.}
Tycho: Oh, good. Your dad's here.
Gabe: Is that bad? Aren't you guys brothers or something?
Tycho: You might recall that Cain and Abel were brothers.

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