The Turkey Trilogy, Episode Two

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Annarchy, Mommy Brahe, Annarchy's Mother, Annarchy's Father

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(Left to right) Annarchy's Mother, Annarchy, Annarchy's Father, Tycho Brahe, John Gabriel, and Mommy Brahe

  • It should be noted that this comic is single-panel, but 3 conversations are occuring at once, and occur from left-to-right, and top-to-bottom.
Conversation 1

{Everyone is seated at the dinner table, Annarchy and her mother seated beside each other, both look rather annoyed with each other.}
Annarchy's Mother: Anne Claire, eat your dinner.
Annarchy: I'm a vegetarian
Annarchy's Mother: No, you're not.
Annarchy: This is fantastic. Maybe after this we can subjugate some indigenous peoples.

Conversation 2

{Tycho and his brother(Annarchy's father) are seated beside each other, Tycho looks to be going one or more directions insane, his wine glass notably empty, while his brother is speaking to him, with a rather pitying, glaze look.}
Annarchy's Father: I tried reading your comic strip again last weekend. I generated a few ideas you and your chimp may be able to capitalize on.
Annarchy's Father: It's the word "shit" superimposed over an image of a human phallus.
{slight pause}
Annarchy's Father: I can see you don't like it. Why, have I duplicated one of your earlier works?
Annarchy's Father: Have I duplicated all of them?

Conversation 3

{Gabe is seated next Tycho's mother(Mommy Brahe), who is rather content with the Thanksgiving dinner and everyone, while Gabe is looking over at Tycho, smiling falsely and trying to be genuinely enthused. Gabe has a cup of milk in place of a wine glass.}
Gabe: Oh, this is good, huh? What is this, Sweet Potatoes? Wow. These look good. I'm gonna eat some of these. Man.
Gabe: Hey, does anybody know what a sweet potato even is? Is it a vegetable? Is it a fruit? I mean, who knows, right? I don't know.
Gabe: I bet nobody knows.
Gabe: Oh, sweet potatoes. You are a delicious mystery.

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