The Truth Is The New Lie

Cast: Eidos PR Boss, Eidos PR Employee

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The Eidos PR boss and employee are having a meeting.}
Boss: Alright, we all know what happened with the whole Kane & Lynch, 6.0, Jeff Gerstmann thing over at Gamespot. Manipulating the press isn't wrong. In fact, it's our job. What's wrong is trying to hide it.

Panel 2

{The Boss now looks very sarcastic. Employee is on the phone.}
Employee: Well, I've got somebody on the line about the Tomb Raider thing. Should I...?
Boss: Oh yeah, do it. Get truthy.
Employee: That's right. We're trying to manage the review scores at the request of Eidos. Yes, they're too low right now. We want them to be higher.

Panel 3

{The Boss smacks the phone out of Employees hands.}
Boss: What? No! I was joking! It was joke time!
Employee: I didn't know it was joke time!
Boss: How could you not know it was joke time? We were talking about the TRUTH!

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