Penny Arcade comic
"John Romero - Artiste"
Comic no. 2
Character(s) John Romero
Penny Arcade - Year One
November 1998
  1. The SIN Of Long Load Times
  2. John Romero - Artiste
Penny Arcade

John Romero - Artiste

Cast: John Romero, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The panel is close-in on Romero's face. He is looking to the right.}
Romero: Hi, I'm John Romero of Ion Storm. I'm here to tell you that Daikatana will be great!

Panel 2

{John Romero raises his hands slightly.}
Romero: You guys know I'm good for it! Like Doom. You remember Doom? I did that! And Quake, right? That was me too!

Panel 3

{Romero lifts his hands in the air and closes his eyes. Gabe is stood with his arms crossed behind him and Tycho is wearing a Hot Dog Cart outfit.}
Tycho: Nice try, John. No game, no weiner.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the very first Penny Arcade strip to feature a game designer.
  • This is Tycho's first job as a Hot Dog Cart vender.
  • Gabe does not say anything.

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