I Must Not Recall

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Boy

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Panel 1

{Tycho is stood behind Gabe, who is on the computer.}
Gabe: What would make somebody sell their entire video game collection? He's even selling Kolibri, arguably the finest hummingbird based shooter available for the 32x!
Tycho: Some grim revelation, I'm thinking.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A kid is in a closet with his Nintendo and Dreamcast, with CDs on the floor. The kid is immersed in darkness.}
Tycho: In the presence of ultimate gaming bliss, his awareness was pried open - filling his mind with dark light! He suddenly knew - these were the end times, and he stood in the sunlit foyer of a Gaming Apocalypse.

Panel 3

{Back to Tycho and Gabe.}
Gabe: Or he got married.
Tycho: that too.

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