Cast: Tycho, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Tycho and Gabe are on the roof. Tycho is holding a candy cane. Gabe is sorting the lights on the edge of the roof.}
Tycho: In Kotor 2, are you going to try playing a dark side character?
Gabe: Hell no. Light side for life, dog.
Tycho: Careful, there. It's slick.
Gabe: Whoa!

Panel 2

{Zoom out. Tycho's silhouette is holding his hand out as Gabe's silhouette hands onto the edge of the roof.}
Tycho: The dark side abilities are way cool. And the ending is completely awesome!
Gabe: {denial} That's not true. That's impossible!
Tycho: Search your feelings. You know it to be true!

Panel 3

{Zoom in on Tycho, as he holds his hand out. He has red eyes. Gabe is off panel.}
Tycho: {persuading} Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as roommates. Evil roommates, though!

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