Cast: Guy (x2)

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  • It should be noted this comic was completed in pencil, and is both uncoloured, and not available for print.
Panel 1

{Two guys are discussing amongst each other, the righternmost one in some amount of shock, his arms raised, while the other has his eyebrows poised in confusion.}
Guy: I'm telling you, man. The Wiimote just slipped right out of my hand, and broke my TV.
Guy #2: What were you doing before?
Guy: I don't know. Just regular stuff.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Guy #1 is smiling gleefully, completely covered in snails and snail oozings.}
Text Box: I mean, I guess I played with a bunch of snails.
Text Box: That's not weird.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Guy #1 is poised in front of a television, butter atop his head and his body, in a kiddie pool, while he attempts to hold the Wii Remote, completely naked.}
Text Box: Then I buttered myself, and sat down in a kiddie pool full of Astroglide to play some Zelda.

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