Mr. Period Returns

Cast: Mr. Period, Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Capital Letter, Dollar Sign

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{Mr. Period is commenting on a reply to Helixxx's post.}
Helixxx: Killzone is the shittiest shit that was ever shat out of a butt if you like it then that means you like SHIT!!!
Mr. Period: STOP, kids! Let's make the MOST of this POST!

The Reply: You're a gay douche who probly has sex with his Xbox!!! Go play your shitty Galo 2 with the other gays up in the Gayzor Mountains where everyone is gay and likes M$.

Mr. Period: {commenting on "gay douche"} I'm not sure what this means!
Mr. Period: {commenting on "probly"} You've misspelled "probably," but let's replace it with something stronger. Try "most assuredly" or "it is a matter of public record."
Exclamation Point: {commention on "!!!"} You only need one of me, here. Remember: with exclamation points, it's one or none!
Mr. Period: {commenting on "gays"} You've used the word "gay" a lot. Why not mix it up with synonyms, words that mean the same thing! Try "queer," "homo," or "chocolate thief."
Mr. Period: {commenting on "where everyone is gay"} This might not be necessary. If these are indeed the Gayzor Mountains, we can safely assume that the inhabitants share certain customs.

Mr. Period: {commenting on "M$"} And even though it looks like an S, the dollar sign isn't a letter - and it doesn't belong in words.
Question Mark: {holding Capital Letter back} Ease up, Cap!
Capital Letter: {shouting at Dollar Sign} That's right, asshole! No-one wants you here! So why don't you fuck off and die! I'll fucking kill you!
Mr. Period: Right, so... Okay! Alright! I think we're done!

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