Acts Of Cord

Cast: Giraffe, Grizzled Sea Captain, Guy (x2)

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A giraffe is shown, wearing a Xbox 360 wired headset, with the controller dangling from his head, while he is trying to reach the controller with his hove, to no avail.}
Text: Why Would Anyone Need The Wireless Headset For The 360? Here's Why.
Text: If You Are A Giraffe.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Guy is shown in a spacecraft, looking out the window with fright in his eyes, he is wearing the 360 headset, and the controller is outside the craft, heading toward a black hole.}
Text: If Your Controller Is Jettisoned Into Space And Caught In The Gravitation Field of A Black Hole

Panel 3

{Scene change. Grizzled Sea Captain and a (different} guy are on a ship, the captain throwing a 360 controller outside the ship, while the guy, wearing a 360 wired headset, inaudibly screams in fear.}
Text: If You Are On A Fishing Boat For Some Reason And The Grizzled Sea Captain Mistakes Your 360 Controller For The Anchor and Throws it Overboard, condemning You To A Watery Grave

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