Metal Gear Stupid

Cast: Gabe

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{Gabe is stood next to the timeline. Several boxes are linked together.}
Gabe: The ending for Metal Gear Solid 2 may seem complex at first - but as it turns out, it's really just stupid.
Text: The great Pyramids of Egypt were the first Metal Gears, which released robo-spores into the Y2K bug.
Picture: {the great pyramids of Egypt}
Picture: {robotic spores}
Text: Ronald McDonald, with the help of cheese soup, controls America from a secret Volkswagon - hidden in the past.
Picture: {ronald pointing at soup}
Picture: {ada image}
Text: A coalition of malevolent Dentists, under the guise of the American Dental Association and acting under the Bicuspid Protocols, devises Molar Gear Roy. This new Gear emits a focused pulse which vastly promote tooth decay.
Text: These scenarios all took place in a VR Simulation, which it turns out was just a dream you were having - during a VR session, designed to capture data about dreaming in VR.
Picture: {guy wearing vr}

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