On Catching

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Bob

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Panel 1

{Tycho is sat reading a magazine in the background. Gabe is looking at the television while on the phone. The panel shows the back of Gabe and Tycho.}
Bob: Nintendo Support, this is Bob.
Gabe: Yes. I'm calling about Pokemon.

Panel 2

{Panel places Tycho in foreground and Gabe in background. Tycho is reading EloTH:TES Magazine.}
Gabe: I was playing Pokemon for the DS, and when I went back to Pokemon on the GBA, it erased my save game.
Bob: We're aware of that problem. But at this time...
Gabe: I'm not sure if you understand. I had caught them all.
Bob: I'm sorry, sir. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the data.

Panel 3

{Gabe turns around, placing Tycho off panel.}
Tycho: What... Who is that?
Gabe: It's a, uh... Phone Sex operator. Fuck you! And me! Let's just, you know, keep on fucking.

Panel 4

{Gabe turns around to see Tycho, who is now shocked.}
Gabe: Alright, thanks. That was super hot. Bye.

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