Questionable Orientation

Cast: Old Man, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{An old man is in the doorway. Tycho has a guitar in his hands and is facing the man.}
Man: You kids is makin' an awful ruckus in there with your devil music.
Tycho: Sorry about that. We're playing this new guitar game. I'll turn it down.

Panel 2

{Man squints his eyes.}
Tycho: What?
Man: You boys gay?
Tycho: {angrily} No! No, we are not gay. We were not gay when you asked us last time, and we have not suddenly become gay in the intervening period.

Panel 3

{The man points as Tycho looks the other way.}
Man: Alright, alright. Y'all homosexuals?

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