Straight talkin'

Cast: Tycho

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Panel 1

{Tycho is lying back on his sun chair, holding an alcoholic beverage in his right hand. He is wearing sunglasses.}
Tycho: I've fucking had it with you two! You're acting like a couple of girls. EA: Your online service is a joke. Don't have a meeting, don't try to figure out if I'm right - it is garbage. You'd have to pay a consultant a million dollars to tell you what I already know. Everything you've done until now online has been shit. You need Xbox Live.

Panel 2

Tycho: And Microsoft: Just buy EA! Go over with a big, blank check, like you'd see in a game show. Tell them to imagine a number, the biggest one they can, and then write it down. God knows you've made worse investments. You need their games to work online. You need them so bad.

Panel 3

Tycho: EA, you lost. There's no shame in that. Well, there's a little bit of shame, because what you did was so bad. It's not like you just missed a free throw. It's like you missed the shot, and then your pants fell down and everybody saw your tiny dick.

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