The Not So Good Old Days

Cast: German, Nazi, Soldier, Fighter

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Transcript Edit

It's good to be playing online with the group again.

Panel 1

{German is running away with his hands in the air. Box at top.}
Box: I missed watching German soldiers leap and frolic like rabbits.
German: Ja! Mein leapen!

Panel 2

{Scene change. Nazi and Soldier are stood facing each other. Nazi has his hand raised slightly. Box at top.}
Box: I missed being called a camper because I defend my vital objectives.
Nazi: Do you think you guys could leave? We want to blow up your stuff.
Soldier: Yeah... I'm thinking no.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Fighter is looking towards the audience. Box at top. Message at top.}
Box: Most of all, I missed the unintelligable racial slurs.
Message: TomSelleck_666: what are you some kind of mexican jew lizard?
Fighter: Yes, actually. My mother was from Mexico, and my dad was a Hebrew iguana, so...

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