Hijinks Ensue

Cast: J. Allard, Guy, Girl, Locust

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Panel 1

{J. Allard and a fellow employee are at a meeting in the Microsoft headquarters.}
Allard: Alright, people. Gears of War is hot. We need to start thinking about television.
Allard: How about this. This is off the top of my head:

Panel 2

{J. Allard closes his eyes and put his hand on his head, extending his other hand outward. It is implied he is thinking.}
Allard: A locust emerges in a young woman's apartment, and it's up to her to keep him hidden, or she'll be evicted. But there's an attraction there.
Allard: It's Moonlighting plus Mork & Mindy plus Bosom Buddies.

Panel 3

{Scene change. A commercial plays of a woman, crossing her arms, and a locust, dressed in a blonde wig and a dress, with the title "Thats So Locust" at the top. At the bottom shows the airtime: "Every night at 7:30pm|6:30c"}

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